We are a family run physical therapy clinic providing physical therapy services in multiple locations.  We try to give our patients the best care possible on an individual basis.  We provide only one-on-one care to maximize every visit and give the patients the attention they deserve.  


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McDonough's mission is to provide excellence in rehabilitation to enhance overall quality of life by providing individualized treatment programs.


Outstanding! The service level they provide is unsurpassed! I've only had 9 PT appointments & at every visit they've always had my best physical condition as their priority. Brian developed an appropriate treatment plan that both reduced the frequency & intensity of migraines along with the numbness of my right arm/leg. As a 25 +yrs migraine sufferer & to finally have relief is just beyond words can describe. I feel ALIVE & can simply live a life now. Thank you!

- Christi V. (Facebook review)


Our Mission